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No light display this year. :(

I am sorry to inform you that there won’t be a light display this year.  This year has been very crazy for our family  with our newborn baby girl being born in September and my parent celebrating 40 years of marriage there just isn’t enough time this year.  Please take my deepest apologize  and know I will be back next year in full swing.

News Press Here We Come.

So we are a little excited this year being our first year doing an automated display and we made the cut for the paper.  Check it out here.  we are number 21 on the map.  Not bad for just starting out and only having 6000 lights this year.  Next year I promise to add and make the show grow.  So make sure you keep the site in your favorites and check back through out the year to see what I am adding.  well that is all for now have a great rest of the week.


The Lights Are On!!

The lights are on and will run  from 6 pm to 10:30 pm everyday of the week.  Sorry if you tried to see them the first 2 day I had a few glitches that I had to work out but now they should be working perfect.  So come back by and see the show.  Plus I am now adding outside Speakers to So the music will be playing outside with the lights. Here is a low Rez photo the house with all lights on.  High Rez is coming plus video will be taken soon.


Christmas Lights Go ON Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow I will Turn the Christmas light on for the season I hope to see a bunch of people through the month of December.  Everyone have a Christmas and Leave comment if you like my display or I will be getting a guestbook up and running soon you can Sign that too.


Have a great Day

The Christmas Lights Are UP!!!

Well the Christmas Season is officially in full swing with black Friday today. I was able to test all my lights last night and I have great news THEY WORK!!! After last years board failure I can’t be happier. I have one issue to work out but as of know we are a go for the December 2 start date with the lights. The Show will run from 6-10 Every day of the week Unless I get a bunch of complaints about the traffic. Then I will need to cut it down. Well every have a great weekend and I can’t wait to see you all through the season.

Long Week

Its been a long week.  Sorry there haven’t been more updates but my wife ended up in the hospital last weekend. This was a set back for the display.  However the display is almost done and I am hoping to test it on Thanksgiving. Which is tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see if it all works this is a build up since last year we had a failure. This year that is not acceptable.  I have replaced all the big C9 Light bulbs with 8mm lights, Those lights are just a little bigger than mini’s.  Thats all for now. Talk to you later.

Thanksgiving around the corner!

With Thanksgiving around the corner  it was time to get busy putting up the Christmas lights.  On Sunday  I got a lot accomplished,  I repainted the wooden snowman and the three toy soldiers,  I built a frame for the tune in banner and got about 45% of the Christmas lights  up.  I plan to finish putting the rest of the Christmas lights up this coming weekend. With all hopes that the outside will be able to be tested by Sunday.  If all goes well The Redeckers will be a head of schedule and just need to finish the Holdman star.  That however is not a critical part of the display this year.  Just making it run is the critical part this year.

Thank you all for Following Us

The Redeckers


November is Here!!

Well November is upon us.  Wow did that come quick.  I am started to put up my out side lights on Sunday.  This year I will be done early so that I can test everything.  It is all going up hopefully by next weekend but no later than thanksgiving.  I hope to see you all in December.  Have a great Week.

A lot was Accomplished!!

Last night was a beautiful night in Florida.  It allowed me to accomplish a lot in the garage with out dying of the heat.  I finished up the sub panel last night.  ( Pictures below)  I got two more snow flakes done and I was able to put the last coat of paint on the 3 snow flakes for the side of the garage.  Hopefully tonight I will be able to get the other snow flake done and start on the 3  that only leaves the Holdman Star to do.  Then off to the installing of the lights.

Project List
  1. Build the Holdman Star for the Display. (Will Be Added Next Year)

  2. Finish My Merry Christmas Sign. (Will Be Added next Year)

  3. Mega Tree (Will be added next year)

  4. Mega Tree

  5. 4 leaping Arches

Map to Light Show
Map to the Redecker's Christmas Lights

For directions just scan the QR or go to the Local Christmas Display Page and see many other display plus mine.

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